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Is there a free version of your products?
Posted by Veera Peltonen on 30 March 2012 01:50 PM

We offer PowerTools Lite version for free. Based on the jv16 PowerTools utility suite, PowerTools Lite enables even the least technically skilled of PC owners to benefit from a safe system and registry cleanup. PowerTools Lite also clears unnecessary data from the registry, MRU and history data from all major applications and Windows itself, along with deleting any unnecessary temporary files to clean up the entire PC. PowerTools Lite is a two-click-solution for PC Cleaning and error fixing.

We also offer free 60 day trial versions of our products, they can be downloaded from our Downloads page. The trial versions can be freely used for 60 days, and they do not contain any kind of feature limitations, nag screens nor spyware.

We have a wide range of different free license reward programs. It means we can give you a free personal license if you do something for us, for example if you translate our products to your language (if we don't already have the translation, of course).

For more information of the current free license reward programs, please see our forum.

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