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The product doesn't recognize my license file, what should I do?
Posted by Veera Peltonen on 30 March 2012 02:12 PM

When your receive your license ("license.xbin" file) via e-mail you can save it e.g. to your Desktop. After that you must start the product you purchased jv16 PowerTools. If you don't yet have the product, you can download the free trial version from our Downloads page. The license file will convert the free trial version to the full version.

If the product doesn't automatically recognize the license file, please do the following.

1. Start the product, go to Help > License Information, and click "Autofind a license". Or, if you know the path to your license file you can also use the "Install a new license" option.

2. Or, you can also try to copy the license file to another location for the product to find it. For example, you can copy the license file to the root of any of your hard drive (for example directly under "C:\"), or to the product's installation directory. The products are by default installed to C:\Program Files\jv16 PowerTools [version number]\.

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