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How can I uninstall your product?
Posted by Veera Peltonen on 30 March 2012 02:46 PM

All of our products come with an uninstallation software, you can run it to uninstall our product. The uninstaller program is located under the product's installation directory in the Uninstall folder. With jv16 PowerTools that would by default be: C:\Program Files\jv16 PowerTools 2011\Uninstall\. The uninstaller program is called "Uninstall".

You can also uninstall our products from the Windows' Add/Remove Software feature within the Control Panel if you have chosen in installation to add the software there.

Uninstalling our product will also uninstall all the backups you have created with the product if you choose to do so. By default the backups are left behind. Also when uninstalling the software, the license is moved to the desktop.

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