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Who does your translations?
Posted by Veera Peltonen on 30 March 2012 04:17 PM

Macecraft Software makes only the English translations (and sometimes the Finnish one, too), all other translations are made by users in exchange for a free license. All users who send us a new and 100% working translation will receive a free personal license for the product in question. If many users send the same translation at the same time we will choose what translation we will use.

Therefore there's not much point in asking us if a translation will be made for a specific language or not, as we are not able to check it. It will be done if some user has the time to translate it and send it to us, we will, of course, include all new translations we receive to the official distribution packages of the products.

Also, we don't know much about the quality of the translations. We will, of course, listen to your feedback which translators have made good translations and who bad ones, but generally we don't have much power over the quality of the translations.

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