Macecraft Software was founded in 2001

As the authentic photograph of our headquarters shows you, we are based in Northern Europe – in Finland, to be exact. Don’t worry, though, we are still just a few mouse clicks away from you. We make awesome computer software that are designed to make your Windows PC run like Usain Bolt on steroids!


Macecraft Software headquarters

I started playing with computers at the age of 13 (by playing I mean computer programming). After a while, I noticed that if you try several different programs, the computer gets slower and slower.

Started to study this problem and found out that even if you uninstall a program, there is always something left behind. So I began learning how Windows works, and as a result I created the RegCleaner program which was one of the very first registry cleaners out there.

Got it completed in 1998 and found it pretty cool. I uploaded it on the Internet as a freeware program, and after just a few months, the program had been downloaded for over 100,000 times. I guess others liked it too!

– Jouni Flemming,
the founder of Macecraft Software

In 2001 the development started for a more complete Windows utility suite with all the functions of the original RegCleaner included. This program became known as “jv16 PowerTools”. The name originates from the author’s initials, and 16 was the age when the development RegCleaner begun. The jv16 PowerTools project also started as a freeware.

Macecraft Software (Macecraft Inc.) was officially established in 2003 when jv16 PowerTools was converted to shareware. The conversion to shareware caused an outcry in the freeware oriented jv16 PowerTools and RegCleaner community.


Today, Macecraft Software is a leading provider of Registry Cleaning and Windows Optimization software products with millions of downloads, and with customers in over a hundred countries.

Our goal is to make the best Windows registry cleaner and utility software there is. Something so good a ninja would use.