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jv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version

Monday, February 18th, 2019 – The latest version number is and is available for download on our website. [read more]

jv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version

Friday, February 15th, 2019 – The latest version number is and is available for download on our website. [read more]

jv16 PowerTools Update Released – Version

Thursday, February 14th, 2019 – The latest version number is and is available for download on our website. [read more]

Benchmark test reports of similar products

Benchmark of Top Three Windows Registry Cleaners

Based on the benchmark results of the top ten Windows registry cleaners performed in October of 2016, Macecraft Software continues its tradition of comparative tests with a focus on the top three Windows registry cleaners that ranked highest in our most recent tests.

Benchmark of Top Ten Windows Registry Cleaners

In recent years, Macecraft Software has published a total of five registry cleaner product comparison studies which have attempted to answer questions about the quality of different registry cleaning products as well as what kind of effects they can have on your system.

Benchmark Report of 133 Windows Optimization Software Products

Rigorous testing shows that only some can deliver actual improvements to computer performance while others offer surprising results.

Registry Cleaner Benchmark Study

On September of 2013 we did a registry cleaner benchmark study from a different point of view. This time we focused on whether or not running a registry cleaner software results in changes to system benchmark scores.

Comparison of 176 Registry Cleaner Products: Introduction

This series of tests was performed to provide consumers with accurate and comprehensive data with which to make his or her own informed decisions. Complete test results and testing methodologies can be found here. here.

In-Depth Review of 31 Most Popular Registry Cleaner Products

It seems safe to say that some developers spend more time and effort on marketing their products than to actual product development. Complete test results and testing methodology can be found here.

Registry Cleaner Performance Comparison Study

We have done the first registry cleaner comparison study between the most popular registry cleaners on the market.

The selection of products was based on the writers’ experience on which products are the most popular products. Full results for the first tests ever done by us in 2009 can be found here.

Windows Startup Time Improvement Benchmark

Windows startup time improvement is something that concerns us, especially since we released the Startup Timer tool. In order to satisfy this curiosity, some test cases had to be performed.

You can access the complete test report detailing Windows startup time improvement on our blog.

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Just like cars, bedrooms, and anything you own, you should clean your computer system every once in a while.

Best DNS Servers To Replace Your ISP DNS

If you’re like most home or business “Cable Internet” users, you’ve probably never heard of such a thing as the best DNS servers and you are totally unaware of the default DNS settings configured by your ISP.

USB Device Not Recognized Error

We often receive requests from customers who ask us to help them with devices that manifest the ‘USB device not recognized’ error. At one time or another, you’ve probably seen this error pop up on your Windows computer.

Fix Webcam Issues After Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If your webcam stopped functioning after you installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this post will help you.

Windows 10 Creators Update brings ideas to life in 3D with Paint

Windows 10 Creators Update has become a large success for Microsoft. The OS is no longer monolithic software that slowly evolves and lags behind the needs of its users.

Windows 10 Storage Sense Keeps Disks Clean Automatically

Windows 10 Storage Sense becomes useful as with the regular use of your operating system on a day to day basis, hard drives store temporary junk and unnecessary files.

Windows 10 gaming optimization and GPU performance

If you enjoy Windows 10 gaming then there is something to be said about the latest update: it was made with gamers in mind.

Hidden Windows 10 features that you may not know about

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Is there such a thing as the best antivirus software or “it depends”?

When looking to find the best antivirus software, everything certainly depends on your personal needs!

Few things to do immediately after upgrading to Windows 10

Now that you have reached a point after upgrading to Windows 10, it might feel that things are far different from what they used to be.