jv16 PowerTools 2007 development news

By September 14, 2006news

jv16 PowerTools 2007 is currently under development. The new version contains mainly improvements of the current features, the main design goal is to make jv16 PowerTools 2007 the fastest and the most bug-free jv16 PowerTools ever.

And, there will be at least one new tool: a Disk Defragmenter, the development of that tool is going on rapidly. Here is a preview screenshot of what the most recent development version of the Disk Defragmenter looks like:


As always, we have tried not to duplicate what other tools already can do, but rather do what they can’t. One example of this ideology is the fragmentation view shown in the screenshot: it shows how fragmented the files are based on a colour coding system. The green area shows data that is not fragmented and the red areas shows fragmented data, the shade of red shows how fragmented the data is – lighter red means less fragmentation and darker red means more fragmentation.

The new version will most likely be a free update for the owners of jv16 PowerTools 2006. The beta testing phase will start within the next two months.

A detailed list of the new features and other improvements will be published later on. jv16 PowerTools 2007 will be released in Q4/2006 or Q1/2007.

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