Macecraft Launches PowerTools Lite EX 2013 and freeware PowerTools Lite 2013

By November 5, 2012news

Macecraft Software today launched a new product called PowerTools Lite EX 2013. Also released is an updated version of the popular freeware program PowerTools Lite 2013.

PowerTools Lite EX 2013

PowerTools Lite EX 2013 is a lightweight edition of jv16 PowerTools Windows utility suite with only the most important features of jv16 PowerTools. Its purpose is to help you to easily clean up your Windows registry, fix registry errors, remove unneeded files and registry entries, uninstall software leftovers and immunize your computer against malicious websites.

The main interface of PowerTools Lite EX 2013 can be seen in the screenshot below:


Key Features

  • One-click Windows registry and system cleaning with the Clean and Fix My Computer tool
  • Software Uninstaller tool makes it easy and safe to remove leftover traces of uninstalled software
  • Protect against malicious websites with the Immunize My Computer tool
  • Powerful Backup gives you peace of mind when using the software
  • Fully multilingual user interface

PowerTools Lite 2013

PowerTools Lite 2013 is a freeware version of the award winning jv16 PowerTools utility suite. This is major upgrade of the 2011 edition and this new version includes the vastly improved registry cleaner engine of the upcoming jv16 PowerTools 2013. The new version also comes with the Immunize My Computer feature which allows the user to protect their computer against known online threats.

The main interface of PowerTools Lite 2013 can be seen in the screenshot below:


Key Features

  • Highly customizable Registry Cleaner tool cleans unneeded registry data and fixes registry errors
  • Protection against malicious websites with the Immunize My Computer tool
  • Powerful Backup feature makes the product safe and reassuring to use
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Totally free

Both pieces of software come with a built-in multilingual user interface, allowing the user to operate the program in any of the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish or Swedish. It’s also possible for users to translate the products to their own language themselves.


Supported operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. Fully supports both 32 and 64 bit systems. Installation instructions: Do not install over any old version of PowerTools Lite or jv16 PowerTools. Either uninstall the old version, or install the new version to a new directory (recommended).


PowerTools Lite 2013 is available for download from: (freeware download)
PowerTools Lite EX 2013 is available for download from: (fully working 60 day trial)


PowerTools Lite EX is available as a free update to all existing customers who have bought jv16 PowerTools 2012 and to all Platinum VIP customers. To new customers the product is available for $9.95 via Macecraft Software’s Online store. Old customers with jv16 PowerTools 2011 or older product version can upgrade to PowerTools Lite EX with just $1.95 from:

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