PC Optimization Expert

All Windows users have issues, errors and different problems their systems during the experience of using a computer or laptop.

Most of them are not easy to solve. For the ones that you do not understand, our recommendation is an expert eye to get the best and safe fix for your problem. Hire now an expert technician who will diagnoses and attempt to repair your computer for keeping it running fast, smooth and safe.

To benefit from this service, all you need to do is prepay the service (https://www.macecraft.com/vopc_checkout/pc-optimization-expert/). After your purchase, one of our staff members will contact you for the schedule of your session in the best way for both parts, explaining about the product services, and help you with how to install the free remote software called TeamViewer which will allow us to establish a connection between us and your computer.

Once connected to your computer, our PC Optimization Expert will analyze your operating system and 3rd party installed software to decide what actions are needed to get your system back into shape for performance.

The remote session can and will be performed by our technicians in a 30 days time-frame from the moment of purchase. Some exceptions can be made under special circumstances where we have a full schedule and we need to make appointments outside to 30 days time-frame.

The PC Optimization Expert service price starts at $99.95 USD – onetime payment, priced per computer, and goes down as you choose to repair more computers as part of the same order (20% discount for every other computer that you order us to clean, fix or repair remotely).

Here is what to do if you choose to trust us with solving your PC problems:

  1. Order PC Optimization Expert as a service on our website:

This service is priced per computer / session. This means that you will need to buy and schedule a different computer repair session for each computer that you want us to take a look at.

  1. Download and install the Quick Support module for remote assistance:

Please note that you will need to download and install the Quick Support module on each computer that our agents are supposed to clean and fix for you.

To install, simply click the link above and follow the on-screen instructions to execute the TeamViewer installer. We work with TeamViewer GmbH, German provider of remote desktop connection solutions in order to ensure industry grade security when connecting to your computer remotely.

The Quick Support module will ensure that only we can connect to your machine. Once our job is done, we will make sure that the TeamViewer client does not reside on your computer, eliminating any chance of unauthorized access to your machine using this method.

Rest assured we have no interest in personal data as we only work with system files during the cleaning and optimization process. You will be able to see exactly what we see and do while working on your system so you have nothing to worry about.

  1. Our staff will connect and optimize your PC for maximum performance

After you schedule a remote session we will call you to assist with the TeamViewer installation and from that moment we will spend up to 2 hours to work on your system.

To book our staff (limited spots available), buy PC Optimization Expert at: https://www.macecraft.com/vopc_checkout/pc-optimization-expert/