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jv16 PowerTools

Pay only one time and receive a license to use and update jv16 PowerTools without any additional upgrade costs or fees for one year (365 days).

  • $11.11

Pay only one time and receive a perpetual license to use the software forever. You will also receive all new product versions without any additional upgrade costs or fees.

  • $33.33

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Prioritized Technical Support

Prioritized technical support via e-mail on all matters related to jv16 PowerTools and PC Optimization. Priority users are always top of the list when technical support requests are handled.

  • $4.95

PC Optimization Expert

Prepay and schedule an appointment for each computer to have your PC(s) cleaned and optimized by our staff using a secured remote connection to your desktop.

What happens after you order the PC Optimization Expert service:

In order to book the session for you, one of our staff is going to email you shortly, so you need to make sure you check your Inbox as well as the Spam folder.

We need you to answer no later than 7 days upon receiving our email, ensuring the process (payment>>booking>>remote connection with our agent) runs smoothly. This service can not be bought to optimize third-party PCs. Thank you for understanding!

  • $99.95

money-back Buy without any risk! If you’re not satisfied with this purchase for any reason whatsoever, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

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