Comparison of 176 Registry Cleaner Products: Summary

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Comparison of 176 Registry Cleaner Products: Summary

These tests were performed in October 2010


This comparison study is not a software review, nor is the goal to make a subjective evaluation regarding which of the products is the “best”. Our sole objective has been to scientifically test the products, list the results and let the readers draw their own conclusions.

However, if one wants to somehow quantify or summarize the results of this study by scoring one point from each green line in which a product appears, and deducting one point for each red line in which a product appears, the results would be as follows:

Product Points
jv16 PowerTools 2010 6
jv16 PowerTools 2009 5
Abyssal Registry Cleaner 3
Reg Organizer 3
RegAdvance 3
RegClean Pro 3
1-ACT Registry Cleaner 2006 2
Ace Utilities 2
ACleaner 2
Auslogics Registry Cleaner 2
EasyCleaner 2
Max PC 2
MV RegClean 5 2
PC Error Cleaner 2
PowerTools Lite 2
RegiGuard 2
Registry Cleaner And Fixer 2
Registry Medic 5 2
Registry Sweeper Pro 2
Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer 2
Vista TuneUpSuite 2
Windsty Registry Cleaner 2
XP Repair Pro 2
Your Free Registry Cleaner 2

Products not listed here received one point or less. Note: This table shows a summary of the scores these products received in this study. These scores do not take into account the ease of use, the set of features, the user interface or any such features of the products.


Before releasing this study we contacted all the developers of the products that we tested. This was done as an additional step in making sure there are no factual errors in the data or in the results.

The authors of EnhanceMyVista Pro, RegDrill, RegVac Registry Cleaner, WinCleaner OneClick Professional Clean and TuneUp Utilities 2010 requested that the data relating to their products to be removed from this comparison. We have done accordingly, the data relating to these product has been removed and replaced with “(censored)”.

The developers of Slow-PC Fighter and RegAce wished to comment that the copy of their product we used in this test was not the very latest version. We do apologize for this and will try to use more time with our next study to make sure we get the very latest versions of each product to be tested. Also, the developers of Registry First Aid noted that during the testing phase of this study they released an updated version of their product with improved support for 64 bit Windows, we will use it in our next study.

We are committed to providing the community scientific studies on the performance and accuracy of registry cleaner products. A new study will be conducted after the release of jv16 PowerTools 2011 later in this year. The next study should be ready in early 2011.

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